Can Your Relationship Be Saved
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Can Your Relationship Be Saved

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by Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

In the short run, it could seem easier to stay in a bad relationship than to face the pain of separation. On the other hand, individuals often leave potentially good relationships that could most likely be saved and thrive in the long run, rather than face painful, yet short-term, relationship issues. Perhaps the worst-case scenario is to remain indecisive, stuck, or feel trapped in a "comfortable state of discomfort", that could severely decrease overall life satisfaction. In this CD, Dr. Broder gives you the specific tools for evaluating both the current and potential bottom line status of your marriage or love relationship. Numerous exercises, along with interactive guidance, help you to focus on confronting the issues you have identified head on. A few of the many things taught in this program include exactly what ingredients and options are essential for the survival of your specific relationship situation, the 3 categories of seriously troubled relationships (along with the strategies and tools necessary in each case for survival), and strategies and tools to help you through the transition period if you decide your relationship must end.

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