Fun as Psychotherapy
Albert Ellis Institute

Fun as Psychotherapy

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by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

In the CD, “Fun As Psychotherapy,” Dr. Ellis explains how humor and fun are great tools in psychotherapy, and in particular, their use in REBT. Dr. Ellis discusses how we disturb ourselves by taking things too seriously, or on the opposite extreme, not taking things seriously enough. Instead of wanting and desiring, people often command and demand (musts) which leads to defeat. It is the goal of therapy to combat over-seriousness, and using humor is a useful method to do so. Dr. Ellis explains that it is crucial to attack the client’s beliefs with humor, and not the client as a person. In addition, he discusses different ways to use humor, including reducing ideas to absurdity, use of puns, and the use of paradoxes. Overall, this CD informs the listener on how to use humor as a highly effective tool during psychotherapy.

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