Learning to Relax
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Learning to Relax

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by Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D.

“Learning to Relax” is comprised of two components that are designed to guide the listener in learning how to physically relax. Dr. Lazarus begins by teaching the listener to concentrate on their breathing and focus on the heavy feeling of their body in a relaxed state. Tension relaxation contrasts are then focused on—beginning with the clenching and relaxing of the wrists and arms, facial muscles, back, and legs. Dr. Lazarus guides the listener in focusing on their own pleasant scene while concentrating on their breathing to lead to a double calming effect. In order to produce more of a calming effect, Dr. Lazarus continues to name parts of the body (beginning with the scalp and ending with the soles of the feet) and directs the listener to turn off the muscle tension as one would switch off a light. Overall, the CD does an excellent job in guiding the listener towards relaxation.

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