Rational Stories for Children
Albert Ellis Institute

Rational Stories for Children

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by Virginia Waters, Ph.D.

Rational Stories for Children is a great resource for both parents and children interested in applying the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to emotional problems. The book is compiled of creative short stories written for children to teach them how to build frustration tolerance, deal with fears and anger, and to accept oneself. In addition to the short stories, Rational Stories for Children contains an accompanying parent section that corresponds to each short story. These sections help parents resolve conflicts within themselves and with their child’s behavior. Through the principles of REBT and through selected case examples, parents are taught how to challenge their irrational beliefs, generate new rational beliefs, and how to assist their child in doing the same. To help children apply these principles and strategies, parents are provided with specific tools, which include modeling of appropriate problem solving, application of reinforcement, and rational imagery. This book is a great edition for families and is truly something both parents and children can enjoy.

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