SOS Ayuda Para Padres
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SOS Ayuda Para Padres

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by Lynn Clark, Ph.D.

SOS Ayuda Para Padres is a complete illustrated translation of SOS Help For Parents and improves the behavior and emotional adjustment of children, ages two to twelve. Used internationally by parents, educators, and counselors, this Spanish parenting book is translated into 17 languages. You learn the best methods for improving your child's behavior and for reducing stress in your life. You learn essential child-rearing rules, how to avoid four common child rearing errors, primary methods for increasing good behavior, major methods for stopping bad behavior, active ignoring, Grandmas Rule, how to avoid nine common time-out mistakes, time-out for toys that misbehave, how to handle children who rebel against time-out, using points and contracts, logical consequences, natural consequences, behavior penalty, and helping your child express feelings, Additional behaviors dealt with include noncompliance, not minding, strong-willed behavior, oppositional and defiant behavior, aggression, ADHD, dressing problems, sibling conflict, tantrums, attention seeking, immature behavior, avoidance of chores, homework resistance, communication problems, and managing bad behavior away from home. Your relationship with your child will improve. The Menu of Solutions for 46 Problem Behaviors guides you in selecting the best methods for handling the most challenging behaviors. Parents world wide are using SOS Ayuda Para Padres.

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