Unconditionally Accepting Yourself and Others
Albert Ellis Institute

Unconditionally Accepting Yourself and Others

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by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

“Unconditionally Accepting Yourself and Others” explains in detail what unconditional self-acceptance is compared to self-esteem. The listener learns that self-acceptance is about being alive, staying alive, being happy, and accepting the unavoidable frustrations of the world that we all have to deal with. To accept yourself unconditionally means to accept yourself even if no achievements or approval are met. There is no rating of the self. Dr. Ellis explains that when people do not accept themselves it leads to shame, embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and depression. The listener also learns techniques for learning unconditional self-acceptance such as disputation and rational self-statements (i.e. “I will accept myself no matter what because I choose to do so.”), and behavioral techniques (i.e., shame attacks). Lastly, Dr. Ellis explains unconditional acceptance of others and how the listeners can adopt this way of thinking.

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